Undergraduate Admissions

History With Special Honors

Students interested in earning the notation of "Special Honors in History" on their transcript must meet three requirements:

1. Fulfill the general honors requirements listed under University Regulations.

2. Graduate with a GPA of 3.3 overall and 3.5 in the major.

3. Find an advisor willing to work with you on a senior honors thesis as a tutorial, then sign up for HIST 4099 (Senior Honors Thesis) for either a semester or a year (at the discretion of the advisor), depending on the length or research requirements of the thesis undertaken. (As a general matter, you should not expect faculty members to agree to do so unless you have taken at least one class with them before and done very well.) If you get an A or A- in HIST 4099, and meet the GPA requirements, you will get your degree with Departmental Honors. A student may receive only one semester's credit for HIST 4099, even if the Honors Thesis is done for two semesters. 

In order to enroll in HIST 4099, students must complete a Registration Transaction Form and obtain the signature of their thesis director, notify the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator (currently Professor Steven Brady, who must submit the grades for all Honors Theses, even if he does not supervise the course), then submit the RTF in the usual way to Colonial Central.