Jeffrey A. Charlston

Visiting and Part-Time Faculty

Part Time

Dr. Charlston is Chief of the Paper Records Review Branch, Systematic Review Program, U.S. Department of State.  In that role he manages the declassification of the State Department’s 25-year old paper records.  He has previously served as the senior historian at the National Reconnaissance Office and as the Pentagon Liaison for the Army history program.  

Dr. Charlston was responsible for securing the recent declassification of the KH-7 through KH-10 photo reconnaissance satellites and Quill, the world’s first radar reconnaissance satellite.  He is the author or editor of several still-classified histories, numerous declassified or unclassified government publications, and personal publications on military, space, diplomatic, and sports history including the anthology U.S. Military History 1865 to the Present Day. 

Ph.D., The George Washington University, 2000