2016 Undergraduate Departmental Prize Winners

The 2017-2018 Special Departmental Honors for Undergraduate Seniors in History are awarded to:

Martha Ball

Jordan Cassel

Keegan Claufield

Noah Duell

Lydia Francis

Veronica LaDu

Margaret McCool

Samuel Nohra

Harry O'Gorman

Samuel Pfister

Magdal Pszonak

Zachary Sanders

Francis Shin

David Skalkowski

Isaac Strauss

Amanda Urban

Di Wang

Elliot Warren 


The Jesse Fant Evans Prize for Excellence in Contemporary History is awarded to Zachary Sanders and Margaret Swanson

The Gardiner G. Hubbard Memorial Prize for Excellence in American History is awarded to Amanda Urban and Annabel LaBrecque.

The Thomas F. Walsh Prize for Best Essay in Irish History is awarded to Daniel Burke, Teddy Clamp, and Samuel Tiratto.

The Deixler/Swain Prizes for Best Undergraduate Theses are awarded as follows:

  • Honors Thesis in an American History topic - Noah Duell, Zachary Sanders, Isaac Strauss, and Elliot Warren
  • Honors Thesis in a Non-American History topic - Veronica LaDu, Margaret McCool, and Samuel Pfister
  • Non-Traditional Capstone Project - Samuel Nohra
  • Senior Thesis on an American History Topic: Samantha Clark and Hope Grossman
  • Senior Thesis on a Non-American History Topic: Mary Horn

Congratulations, students!

Senior Joseph Albanese wins prize at 2017 GW Research Days

Senior Joseph Albanese's GW Research Days project, entitled "Gilded Chivalry and Bygone Times: The Field of the Cloth of Gold in Memory Past & Present," won first place in the Humanities section! Congratulations, Joseph!

Joseph Albanese at GW Research Days

The Hoover Scholarship: A Gift That Keeps Giving

From leading tours of the U.S. Capitol to working for Mount Vernon Campus Life, alumnus Corbb O’Connor packed an incredible amount into his years in Foggy Bottom. Blind since birth, O’Connor—who navigated campus with the help of his guide dog, Phoenix—was a recipient of the Mei Yuen Hoover Scholarship for students with disabilities. The scholarship was established in 1999 with a $1 million bequest from History alumnus Mei Yuen Hoover, BA ’45, who experienced various physical limitations throughout her life and was deeply committed to helping others with disabilities.