History Credit for a Transfer or Study Abroad Course

Many of our students take courses abroad and then hope to transfer the credits back to GW. We want to facilitate that process as much as we can. The following table shows the GW History courses for which courses taken abroad and in other American Universities were credited upon transfer during the years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. It is arranged alphabetically by the transferring university. In some cases we did not have all the data, but want to make as much information available as possible to facilitate this process.

The foreign courses that are listed in the table will be transferred as the same courses in the future. The Study Abroad Office has been notified of this equivalent relationship and is working to automate that process. Until that step is completed, this table should help you in planning your time abroad.

Several courses show no corresponding GW History course. Those courses were determined not to be the equivalent of any GW History course, although they may well have been the equivalent of courses offered by other departments (e.g., Political Science, Sociology, or Art History).

This list will continue to develop further as more transfer requests are processed.

Please remember that (unless your course is on this list) you will need to provide a copy of the syllabus (in English) together with the CCAS or ESIA Transfer Form and the History Department Credit Transfer Form for your study-abroad course in order to have it transfer as a history course.

Course Equivalents Table is to the right.