Cynthia Harrison

Cynthia Harrison

Associate Professor of History, Women's Studies, and Public Policy
Address: 837 22nd St., NW #104
Phone: 202-363-4356


Cynthia Harrison focuses on women and public policy, with particular focus on the current constitutional status of women, the long-term impact of the women's movement, the need to resolve the issue of child care and women's work, and the policy goals of feminist organizations concerning poor women. Her current book project, tentatively entitled Race, Class, Feminism and the American Policy Crucible, 1966-2000, examines the interaction between the U.S. political system and exponents of the feminist policy agenda with respect to measures affecting poor and minority women. She teaches courses in women's history, women and public policy, and constitutional history, and she is a member of the DC Commission on Women. (Complete C.V.)


Ph.D., Columbia University, 1982.


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On Account of Sex: The Politics of Women's Issues, 1945 to 1968. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1988.