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Hugh Agnew specializes in Central and Eastern Europe, with a focus on modern Czech history. His first book examines a group of intellectuals in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Bohemia whose linguistic, literary and historical studies laid the foundations for the subsequent Czech nationalist movement. His most recent book surveys Czech history in its European setting, from the arrival of the Czechs in Bohemia to the present. Professor Agnew's current research explores the use of symbol and ritual in the Czech nationalist movement, topics on which he has published several preparatory studies, and which will be the theme of his next book. He has appeared on international and local media including CNN, C-SPAN, Czech Television, Voice of America's Czech service, and Radio Prague. Between 2002 and 2016 Professor Agnew served as an associate dean, senior associate dean, and interim dean in the Elliott School of International Affairs.

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  • Modern Europe

HIST 1011: World History, 1500 to Present

HIST 3173: The Habsburgs in East Central Europe

HIST 3178: The Making of the Modern Balkans

HIST 6170: Eastern European History, 1772-1918

HIST 6171: Eastern European History, 1919-1945

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Ph.D., Stanford University, 1981