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Medieval Europe

Early Modern Europe

Modern Europe

Latin America

Middle East

Colonial and Revolutionary America

19th-Century United States

20th-Century United States

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African American


Cold War


Early Modern World

Imperialism and Colonialism


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Public Policy

Urban Studies

Women and Gender

By Alphabetical Order

Hugh Agnew


Central and Eastern Europe

Abigail Agresta

Assistant Professor

Medieval Europe

Paula Alonso

Associate Professor

Latin America

Eric Arnesen


20th-century U.S., Race, Labor

Alyssa Ayres

Professor; Dean, Elliott School of International Affairs

U.S. Relations with South Asia

Aaron Bateman

Assistant Professor of History and International Affairs

Cold War, Diplomatic, Technology

Joel Blecher

Associate Professor

Islamic History

Steven Brady

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies and Advising

Diplomatic, Military and Society, and Peace History

Gregg A. Brazinsky


Cold War; U.S.-East Asia Relations

Denver Brunsman

Department Chair

Early American Republic, British Atlantic World

Erin D. Chapman

Associate Professor

African-American, Gender

Theodore Christov

Associate Professor

Modern Intellectual

Robert J. Cottrol


Race; Law

Arie M. Dubnov

Associate Professor

Intellectual History, Jewish Modern European, Imperialism and Colonialism

Hope M. Harrison

Professor of History and International Affairs

Cold War, Germany, Russia, Historical Memory

James Hershberg


U.S. Diplomatic, Cold War

Benjamin D. Hopkins

Professor of History and International Affairs; Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Elliot School of International Affairs

Central and South Asia

Jenna Weissman Joselit


American Jewish History, Material Culture

Jisoo M. Kim

Associate Professor

Korea, Gender

Christopher Klemek

Associate Professor

20th-century U.S., Urban

Gema Kloppe-Santamaría

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Latin America

Sara Matthiesen

Associate Professor

U.S. Women and Gender

Shawn McHale


Southeast Asia

Warren Milteer Jr.

Associate Professor

U.S. History, Early America, Nineteenth-Century U.S.

Shira Robinson

Associate Professor

Middle East

Eric Schluessel

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

China, Central Asia, Social History, Imperialism

Katrin Schultheiss

Associate Professor of History

Modern Europe, Medicine

Daniel Schwartz


Modern Jewish, Intellectual

Timothy Shenk

Assistant Professor

Modern U.S.

David Silverman


Early America, Native America

Andrew M. Smith II

Associate Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and of History

Quito J. Swan

Professor of History and Africana Studies; Director, Africana Studies Program

Ashwini Tambe

Director of WGSS; Professor of History and WGSS

South Asia; Law, Gender, and Sexuality; Global political economy; Transnational Feminist Theory

Daqing Yang

Associate Professor

Modern Japan

Angela Zimmerman

Professor of International Affairs and History

Modern Germany, U.S., West Africa, Empire