The Historical Review


The George Washington University Historical Review is the History Department's undergraduate journal. The publication was founded in the spring of 2017 to provide an online platform for students to publish historical scholarship in an accessible forum.

Please check back in the spring for 2020-2021 editor application and submission instructions.

Current issue: November 2019 (PDF)

Past issues: November 2018 (PDF)November 2017 (PDF)

The George Washington University Historical Review journal cover with a painting of George Washington


Journal Leadership


Alison Beachman ’19

Managing Editor
Julia N. Brown ’20

Senior Editors
Annie K. Dobler ’20
Ronni S. Farid ’20
Cooper D. Hess ’20
Jonathan Montano ’20


Associate Editors
Kaifeng Deng ’22
Emma E. Gilpin ’19
Anthony L. Tusino ’19

Samuel Nohra ’18
Claire Vanderwood '21

2019-2020 Advisory Board
Tyler Anbinder, Professor of History