Minor in History

GW History student taking notes

Requirements for the customizable history minor include a base course in European, American or world history, as well as five electives.

Some minors also choose to take advantage of departmental connections to unique internship opportunities, with options including the Smithsonian Institution, Tudor Place Historic House and the American Battlefield Trust.

How to Declare a Minor

  1. Download and complete the Declaration of Major/Minor Form.
  2. Bring it to the History Department undergraduate advisor during office hours for a signature.
  3. Bring a signed copy of the form to the History Department office so that we can add you to the history minors listserv.
  4. Submit the signed form to the Undergraduate Advising Office.

Columbian College students should declare their minor no later than the beginning of their senior year. 


Course Requirements

Undergraduate students who select a minor in history must declare their intention to a departmental advisor no later than the beginning of their senior year.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including one 3-credit selected course and 15 credits in elective courses.

One course selected from the following:
HIST 1011World History from 1500 to Present
HIST 1110Foundations of Europe to 1715
HIST 1120Europe in the World Since 1715
HIST 1121The War of Ideas in European and International History, 1750-Present
HIST 1310Introduction to American History from the Pre-Columbian Era to 1877
HIST 1311Introduction to American History since 1877
At least five upper-level History (HIST) courses numbered 2000 and above.