Katrin Schultheiss

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Katrin Schultheiss

Associate Professor of History

Modern Europe, Medicine


801 22nd St NW Washington DC 20052

Katrin Schultheiss specializes in modern European history, with an emphasis on the history of France, women’s history, and the history of medicine. Her first book, Bodies and Souls: Politics and the Professionalization of Nursing in France, 1880-1922, used nursing as a lens through which to examine the evolution of gendered definitions of citizenship. Currently, she is finishing a book entitled Edge of Reason: Mind, Brain, and Body in the Age of Charcot, which looks at the French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot's work on hysteria and hypnosis as well as themes of art and religion in late nineteenth-century France.  She teaches courses on nineteenth and twentieth century European history, the history of medicine in the West, European women's history, and the history of modern France. She is currently a member of the GW Faculty Senate and is particularly interested in how new artificial intelligence tools affect the future of the humanities. 

Complete C.V. (PDF)

  • Modern Europe
  • Medicinal History
  • Women and Gender

HIST 3125: Europe in the 20th Century

HIST 3140: History of France

HIST 3141: History of France

HIST 6121: Seminar in Modern European History

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Ph.D., Harvard University, 1994