Diane Cline

Diane Harris Cline

Associate Professor of History; Affiliated faculty member in Classical and Near Eastern Literatures and Civilizations.
Phillips Hall 321
Address: 801 22nd St. NW
Phone: 202-994-5339


Diane Cline is an ancient Greek historian who is also deeply committed to the development of GWU’s initiative to support innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration.  With her B.A. in Classics from Stanford and Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from Princeton, Diane became a tenured History Professor at CSU Fresno before she joined the University of Cincinnati in 1994 as an Assistant Professor in Classics and was subsequently promoted with tenure to Associate Professor, winning the University’s Dolly Cohen Teaching Award in 1999. After moving to Washington DC in 2000, she has taught as a Visiting Associate Professor at Howard University and  at George Washington University. Prof. Cline  spent 2012-13 directing the UC Forward interdisciplinary program in Ohio and in the Fall of 2013 joined the GWU History department, with an agreement that half of her time is shared with the Provost’s office as Director of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration. Her current Classics research focus is on the application of social network analysis to the study of ancient history. Her passion is “network weaving”: finding people with similar intellectual interests but who are in diverse departments and serving as a bridge to bring them together. Diane is also a cellist with the Washington Sinfonietta and the Avanti Orchestra.


Ph.D. 1991 Princeton University, Department of Art and Archaeology, Program in  Classical Archaeology. M.A. 1986 Princeton University, Department of Art and Archaeology, Program in Classical Archaeology.


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Classes Taught

CLAS 2106 Classical Mythology

CLAS 2112 Early Aegean & Greek Civ-338BC

HIST 2112 Early Aegean & Greek Civ-338BC

CLAS 3115 Topics in Ancient Literature and Civilization (Alexander the Great)